Blood of the Earth

Flora and fauna come and gone. Seismic events of unbelievable proportion.
Ancient oceans, rivers of lava and crashing floods.

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Haakon/Lenai Vineyard

AVA: Dundee Hills | Elevation: 700 feet

Soil: Jory (Volcanic)

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Freedom Hill Vineyard

AVA: Willamette Valley | Elevation: 400 feet

Soil: Bellpine Loam (marine sediment) | Clones: Pommard, Wädenswil, & Coury


Freedom Hill Vineyard is located in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range, toward the western edge of the Willamette Valley, in the Eola Amity AVA. With its Bellpine Loam soils, the vineyard yields fruit with pronounced dark fruit characteristics—such as blueberry, blackberry and plum. The resulting wines have an acid and tannin profile that allows for lasting beauty and structure.

Planted in 1982 by owners Dan and Helen Dusschee, the grapes from Freedom Hill make their way into the wine portfolios of some of the most esteemed, artistic wineries in the Willamette Valley. Dan and Helen’s son Dustin is now carrying the torch into the next generation as a vineyard manager, supporting the vineyard as it grows in acreage and prestige.


Holstein Vineyard

AVA: Dundee Hills | Elevation: 750 feet

Soil: Jory (volcanic) | Clones: Dijon 115 & 777


Holstein Vineyard sits at 750 feet atop the Dundee Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The vineyard consists of 100 percent, well-drained Jory soil that formed from basalt rock sediment. Dark reddish-brown in color, the loam, silt, and clay of this site form a layer more than 40 inches thick above their basalt subsurface—a perfect place to grow grapes of outstanding quality.

Allen Holstein, the vineyard’s owner, originally found an opportunity to marry the art and science of grape growing in Oregon in 1980. He worked for the pioneers of the Oregon wine industry when their plantings became too large for them to handle on their own. Then later, while learning how to stabilize vineyard performance from wineries with successful operations outside of Oregon, he had the chance to acquire his own patch of ground where he cultivates grapes around his home in the Dundee Hills to this day. Allen’s unmatched vineyard experience—ranging from clone and rootstock selection to spacing, cropping, and vine balance—ensures that Holstein Vineyard yields fruit of the highest caliber every vintage.


Latchkey Vineyard

AVA: Dundee Hills | Elevation: 500 to 600 feet

Soil: Jory (volcanic) | Clones: Pommard


Latchkey Vineyard—our estate vineyard—is situated at 500 feet on a southern aspect in the Dundee Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Its rich, 100-percent Jory soils are famous for yielding fruit of remarkable depth and complexity. Planted mainly to Pinot Noir from the Pommard family as well as Chardonnay, the vineyard spans 11 acres that stretch from the top of the hill down to the country road below.

Latchkey Vineyard is owned by Scott and Michele Campbell, long-time fans of Willamette Valley wine. When the Campbells discovered a plot of ground bordering notable vineyards—including Archery Summit, Willakenzie, Ayoub, and Holstein—they knew it was soil to build a future on. As investors in Purple Hands, their partnership with Cody and Marque Wright is the product of deep friendship, joyously empty wine bottles, and a shared passion for wine.


Shea Vineyard

AVA: Yamhill-Carlton | Elevation: 450 to 630 feet

Soil: Jory (volcanic) | Clones: Wädenswil & Dijon 777


Shea Vineyard drapes over 140 acres of rolling hills in the Willamette Valley’s Yamhill-Carlton AVA, stretching from 450 to 630 feet elevation. The vineyard is planted in sedimentary soils atop fractured sandstone derived from an ancient seabed. Our block—the highest in the vineyard—is known as the “Back Block,” where the famed property edges up to a towering oak grove.

Dick Shea first planted the Back Block in 1989 and then replanted it in the mid-90s to eliminate the problem of phylloxera, a microscopic insect that feeds on grapevine roots. Since then, it’s been a simple story of amazing wines. Visitors to the Willamette Valley quickly recognize the respect commanded by wines made from Shea Vineyard grapes. This fruit is some of the most coveted in the state, as it consistently inspires critically acclaimed bottlings.


Kropf Family Vineyard

AVA: Dundee Hills | Elevation: 300 feet

Soil: Jory (volcanic) | Clones: Dijon 115


Kropf Family Vineyard sits at 300 feet in the Dundee Hills of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. This two-acre vineyard consists of the Pinot noir clone Dijon 115, and 100 percent, well-drained, alluvial Jory soil that formed from basalt rock sediment. 

Vineyard Owners Jody and Michelle Kropf own and operate Red Hills Market in downtown Dundee, Oregon.